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We would like to watch your restaurant grow.

Who Are We ?

who are we ?

What we do ?

We help clients design, build, and scale their sales and ensure Customer Success. 

A New Platform, A New Generation

A New Platform, A New Generation

NutnBolt is a platform dedicated to supporting and growing India’s next generation of food entrepreneurs and concepts. Our purpose is to support, showcase, hatch creative new food concepts as well as the existing restaurant business in India by partnering with entrepreneurs, restaurateurs and the community.

Connect, Validate, Bulid and Fix.

We help brands grow efficiently, build awareness, networks and market knowledge while avoiding the risks and overheads that come with starting a business in India. We apply the new gen marketing and business strategies and make the existing restaurants stand out by fixing the outlying issues.

Connect Validate Bulid and Fix

Launch Stand Out And Grow

Launch, Stand Out And Grow.

NutnBolt will scale up the viably thought concept into a scaled up business. We not only develop the brands but completely turnaround the business by identifying the differentiated USPs, build monthly business plans and help in managing online as well as offline sales.

From conceptualization to a good customer service, we cover it all.